About Us

Mindful Necessities was founded by Gisele Theriault as a dedication to support education in mindful practice and meditation foremost; to become a world that finds happiness through inquiry and wholeness.
We get so easily caught up in the frenetic energy of day to day life. As a jeweller, she wanted to create pieces that would act as touchstones to bring our focus back to our breath; give us the reminder to pause and reflect. Mindful Necessities creates meditation rings, malas, and our special Being Peace medallions that feature Thich That Hanh’s calligraphy with 20% of the proceeds of that collection going back to the monastics at Plum Village.
Knowing how important resetting is to to find our centre, we also do regular retreats. Finding balance with our body, mind and spirit is critical for our health and any sense of peace. Gisele leads the retreats with the purpose of sending you home feeling renewed and with the tools to mindfully help handle all that comes our way. See the good in the good, see the good in the bad.
Gisele is currently travelling the world and sharing her experiences on our blog as well as Instagram.