"I love Gisele's work. I feel like I'm wearing art. I love how each piece is so individual, beautiful, handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. But, by far my favorite part is the words that are written. They remind me of the things I want to hold onto every day. It feels, in a way, like a shield."  ~ Alicia Keys


"The world we live in, edges closer to the sacred-again.This will depend on all of us and yet only one of us.The power of one can change the world, change hearts, change minds.Drawing us towards this, is my friend and colleague-Gisele.We have supported each other in our work for 20 years.In my soul, on my wrist, around my neck, dangling from lobes....her visions of beauty heal.My clients find more life in her images and reflections.Her treasures becomes the great continuity of those hoping for better, wishing for life and its abundant gifts. Gisele you are one of life's abundant gifts. Thank you for healing with your words and design. May your hands, eyes and heart always that others might recognize themselves in you." ~ Dr. Michele Chaban HABITAT Healing Collective


On July 28th, I have had the joy of hosting Gisele Theriault of The Barber's Daughters at my home! She guided us in a Chocolate Meditation, combined with her magical storytelling. Her stories took us to the land of Spain, and her walk of the Camino, which led to one of her glorious jewelry collections, in addition to her collection based on her visits to Plum Village and inspiration drawn from the work of Zen master Thich Nhat Hahn. If this were not enough inspiration, the modern day songstress, Alicia Keys has collaborated with Giselle resulting in stunning pieces of jewelry! It was a gathering of meaningful joy.  ~ Dr. Lisa Goldberg      
kuntal_variya"Hi Gisele, I have purchased a few pieces from you in the past and you probably don't know who I am but I'm writing to let you know that I am a big fan of your work and you as a beautiful human being. I love receiving e-mails from you - they are always filled with positive words and messages.You look absolutely beautiful in that sari !Also, wanted to let you know that I'm a proud owner of your wired watch... and every single time I wear that watch I get compliments on that watch and I never pass up the opportunity to spread the word about your work, your message and you - the beautiful human being that you are.Thank you for making the world a better place and inspiring all of us to be positive and grateful." ~ Kuntal
"Gisele, I bought a ring from you on Friday at the MAC show in Bracebridge. I bought the one that says "dare to be sensual, passionate and alive". I told you I was uncomfortable with the first statement and you said I should buy then, and I wasn't sure about wearing on the middle finger where it fit the best. Conclusion: as I left the show I was so excited about the ring, the sayings and which finger it was on and so happy I bought it. I felt just like when I was very young and just got the best present ever - that innocent joy, gratitude and wonder. The second statement on the ring is something I live by already. The first statement is what I have to to be comfortable with and the third statement is something I forgot to do. Thank you so much. The ring has energy on its own - cool. ~ Joanne Contant
joey-schooley"Gisele's jewellery inspires authentic and brave living from our hearts, that place which joins heaven with earth. Created from a place of courage, with love and reverence for all living persons and things - the oneness of creation, Gisele's jewellery inspires the wearer and all those who see her pieces as reminders that courage and love together, create strength and beauty. A mantra chanted penetrates the core of our being. Inspirational words etched onto her unique and precious designs are an embodiment of timeless wisdom, absorbed vibrationally with wear. This jewellery appeals to those souls who believe in the sacredness of all life. It takes courage to be sober, present and hopeful in this life. An artist who walks her talk, speaks truth and loves from the heart of a lioness is a gift that she shares in her art, pieces which will inspire all who have eyes to see." ~ Joey Schooley
"Tried the website. It's up and running. Beautiful, sacred and intelligent. Your pieces are stunning. I would love to have some of my own words that I run through my mental computer to stay on track every day, resonating on my body through the silver and precious stones of your creations. Someday I will be able to afford one of your pieces. I would love to see all of us wearing our truth. I also relate to your sensibility around lighting and applaud your linking to Dr. Emoto's work to bring the light of consciousness to our lives. It is a pleasure to connect with you and your lovely creative self." ~ Lisa Spillane